Hello World,

We are GinnyPix and we create photo and video editing apps for iOS and Android.

Our beginnings take back to 2009, when Nick, the founder of GinnyPix, started his journey in app development. At first, it started as a fun project of someone who is a huge photography lover, and as time passed, skills and knowledge accumulated and Nick decided to form a small team of enthusiasts into what came to be GinnyPix.

Today, we are proud to say that our applications are used and adored by regular people and celebrities alike. Emily Ratajkowski, Taylor Swift and Nick Johnson being just some of them.

What we do

We strongly rely on these simple, yet very important steps when creating apps:

• Make our users happy

• Things should just work

• Create features that our users need

• Produce the most cost-effective apps

Why you should get our apps

The main reason for this comes from the fact that we are just one of you. We understand what is important from a users point of view, unlike big money-grabbing companies, we strive to make our apps affordable to everyone, be compatible, easy to understand, simple and effective.

We often feature users on our Instagram profile, so check that too! Follow us @ginnypix_apps and tag us.